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About Sun Energy

About Sun Energy

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Our Mission

We focus on treating our customers like family. We are committed to creating exceptional value from the moment we make first contact through post production. Every conversation, every install, and every referral hold tremendous importance to us, and we strive to always better serve our customers.

Our Process

The process begins when you request a solar consultation. Once the appointment is scheduled, one of our solar experts will meet with you to discuss your solar options. Some of the assessment can be done over the phone, but we’ll almost always need to come to the site to determine your individual solar needs. Our goal is to educate you on solar so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your home. Here’s some of what we will be looking for:

Installation Site

  • Nothing shading your roof
  • A southerly-facing pitch
  • Space for panels
  • Installation-friendly roofing materials


  • Solar-friendly utility
  • Net metering (solar buyback)
  • HOA approval

Once we’ve determined your home would benefit from a solar system and understand the costs, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal for your project. The proposal will detail the complete scope of work, pricing, system specs, and performance projections. We will also include our solar agreement with the proposal so you can read the fine print.

Once you sign the solar agreement, we will come out to perform a site survey and kick off the design phase. Every roof’s structure, size, orientation, and material is unique. Our engineers optimize the design of your solar system based upon your home’s unique attributes. We also take into account wind loads, proximity to your electrical panel, and aesthetics.

Depending upon where you live, there may be a municipal permit required in order to install a solar system on your roof. We streamline the permit application process, but this step often takes the longest. We determine what permitting requirements are necessary during the site assessment, so there are no surprises.

After receiving approval, we can begin work! We will schedule an installation date and your solar panels will be ordered. Depending upon the size of your solar system, it may take one or more days to install. 

When we’re there, we will establish a safe route from the ground onto your roof. We then begin mounting the hardware, setting the rails, and securing the panels. Once everything is installed, we’ll wire the panels together, coordinating the circuits to maximize your systems performance. 

An electrician will be on site to run conduit and electrical wires from the rooftop to your power panel. Finally, we’ll connect the inverter and other hardware that make the system work and test it all to make sure everything is operating properly.

A final inspection by your local government and/or municipal utility must occur before your new solar system can officially be turned on. A skilled inspector will visit your home to ensure your new solar system is properly installed. They’re looking to ensure all the fasteners are in place, all the panels are connected and operating properly, and that we didn’t put any problematic holes in your roof. At this time, they may also install a net metering system, which tracks production and allows your home to send excess power back to the electrical grid.

Once the inspector gives approval we flip the switch and start harvesting solar energy for your home!

Look for your savings on your next utility bill, which should be significantly smaller than the one before, with the savings continuing for decades! Blackouts? Practically a thing of the past! And you’re doing your part to help conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, helping the planet in the process.

Solar panels have no moving parts and require very little maintenance. To keep them working most efficiently, they should be cleaned and tested once or twice a year. You can do this yourself or schedule solar maintenance service with Sun Energy.

Why Sun Energy?

Customer Service

Our priority is you! We recognize that our success is measured by your satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are doing so much more than installing solar. We are giving our customers an experience that leaves a proud lasting impression of their solar investment and commitment to clean air.


We understand that solar can be overwhelming. Our highly trained and dedicated professionals are meticulous in ensuring the highest quality installation, NEVER cutting corners, using inferior products, or hiring cheap labor, which can shorten the life expectancy of your system and decrease

30-Year Production Warranty

The Sun Energy Complete Confidence Warranty is the only home solar warranty that covers your entire system, not just the panels, so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on. 25 year warranty on inverters.