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Solar Solutions

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How Solar Works

Solar power works by converting light from the sun into electricity, which can then be used in your home and stored in a battery for use during blackouts.

Sunlight hits the solar panels, generating a DC electric current.

The generated electricity flows through a wire in the solar panels into an inverter, where it is transformed from DC electricity into AC electricity, which is used to power your home.

Another wire transports the AC electricity from the inverter to your home’s breaker box, which distributes the electricity throughout your home as needed.

If you have solar storage, excess electricity is stored in a battery for later use. If you generate more than you can store or do not have a storage system, excess energy is routed back to the grid.

Why Go Solar?

Going Solar has many benefits.

Lower Your
Electricity Bill

Using solar instead of relying on a utility company can drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.

Increase Value of
Your Home

Homes with solar systems sell for 4.1% or more on average than comparable homes without solar.

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

Solar systems can provide the electricity needs of an entire home with 80% lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels.

Combat Rising
Energy Costs

Sun Energy protects you from rising utility rates by customizing your system and battery size to ensure you control your utilities. 

Prevent Blackouts

As blackouts are becoming more common in California, solar storage systems can provide power when there are limited options.

Tax Credit

Qualify for a 26% credit on your annual taxes when you install a solar system by 12/31/2022.

Why Sun Energy?

Customer Service

Our priority is you! We realize that there is only one boss in this company and it is our customers. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are doing so much more than installing solar. We are giving our customers an experience that leaves a proud lasting impression of their commitment to clean air and putting money in your pocket.


We understand that solar can be overwhelming. Our trained and dedicated professionals are meticulous in ensuring the highest quality installation, NEVER cutting corners, using inferior products, or hiring cheap labor.

25-Year Industry-Leading Warranty

The Sun Energy Complete Confidence Warranty is the only home solar warranty that covers your entire system, not just the panels, so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to switching to solar energy. Aside from lowering your electricity bill, solar energy combats rising energy costs and prevents blackouts. Solar energy also increases the value of your home and reduces your carbon footprint. Still need another reason? Switching to solar qualifies you for a 26% credit on your taxes.

Sun, space, and location determine if your home can be updated with solar panels. A solar system needs unobstructed access to sunlight for most or all of the day. The best way to determine if your home is a candidate for solar is to request a solar consultation. You can also use Google’s Project Sunroof to see your solar potential.

There are many factors to consider when determining how many solar panels you will need for your home solar system. The biggest determining factor is the amount of energy (kWh) your home uses, which you can find on your utility bill. Equally as important is the amount of sunlight your home receives on a daily basis and the wattage of the panels you are purchasing. The best way to determine how many solar panels your home needs is to request a solar consultation.

The average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. household is 10,694 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, which is an average of 877 per month. If you multiply that by the California average electricity rate of $0.2226 per kWh, you’ll find that the typical California family has electricity totalling around $2,380 per year. This means that if enough solar panels were installed to cover 100% of your electricity usage, the average Californian household would save $2,380 per year by switching to solar.

Yes! However, each household is different and savings could vary depending upon the size of your solar battery, how many times the battery is charged and discharged each day, your energy rates, how much electricity you use, and when you use it.

We have a 30 year production warranty and a 25 year warranty on inverters. The Sun Energy Complete Confidence Warranty is the only home solar warranty that covers your entire system, not just the panels, so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on.

If you paid cash for your entire solar system, then it is sold with your home. If you’ve used secure financing, the balance of your loan gets paid at closing through escrow. If you’ve used unsecured financing, you may need to pay off the balance due. Your mortgage lender can help clarify.